Human emotion is unpredictable and powerful. It can transform human action to good to be better and bad to be worse. It can transfer human to be god or evil demon. It also becomes poison if we don’t recognize it and it can be blessed if we recognize it.

Being involved with meditation I’ve understood state of my emotions which transform me to deal with different situation and meeting with verities of people. Generally, emotions can be very dangerous in wrong place, wrong timing but how we deal with it, is, the matter I concern the most. Based on our sensual objects, emotion is natural happening phenomena inside the mind of every individual. We can’t stop our mind to react the objects we perceive. It is the nature of mind to raise emotion. We cannot stop the nature to flow with its law. If we do, it breaks the law of nature.

Initially, emotion is defined as ‘a mental state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow; fear, hatred, anger, happiness, and peace are experienced’. It is a mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by psychological changes. We experience in our daily lives, we never force our emotion to rise. It does not need human effort (physically or mentally) to produce the emotion. If the situation or our sensual objects are pleasant the emotion we experienced are positive such as joy, happiness, peace etc. But being tempted by the ego (selfishness, attachment) the emotion that arises always brings the negative consequences. When someone hurts us, the feeling of hurt is never praised. Nobody likes that feeling.

When we get hurt, there are two ways to deal with the emotion. The first is obvious and common to everyone else i.e. ‘we blame second person’. Whatever reason they hurt us, our mind never look back to find the cause of our present. We do so, because it is easy and our ego (selfishness) which makes us to think we are right and they are wrong. Blaming others is an easy way to run away from the worldly consequences (punishment). The fear of punishment and our ego (pride) gives the birth of blaming accompanying the lying.  Secondly, it is rare to see people take responsible for the mistakes they have done. When people realize their mistake instead of blaming others this kind of people blames themselves. In this situation more emotion in the form of sadness, un-satisfactoriness and discouragement toward facing life comes to their mind.  In psychological point of view these types of people are called narcissists. It is dangerous to oneself and to people around them. It might result as victim of suicide. The people who takes the responsible for the mistakes would be either wise to realize their mistakes or coward to face the misery of life.

There is another kind of person, mentioned in Buddhist scriptures. The person who doesn’t blame others or himself for any existed problems. Instead of blaming oneself or others he understands the nature of problem. In Buddhist philosophy, the problem exists depending on its causes. Without cause there would no problem exit. When the causes of problem identified the both doers and receivers becomes blameless. These types of the people understand the secondary factors which force individual to create problem.

Mostly in our life, we meet the first kind of people who easily blame other without understanding the cause/s of problem. Individual’s responsibility is very important while dealing with problems between peers. Our mentally, emotionally weak mind finds the alternative quick solution either blaming others or running away from it. The wise man should look into the deep of mind to generate the curiosity to find the causes of our humanly created problems. In many stages of my life, I’ve met different people. Among them, some were my good friends, friends, colleagues, and strangers. Being a Buddhist monk, I always wondered, what makes people ‘selfish, self-centred and full of ego’? 

Buddhist ethical principles provide the best solution for the human problems. It might not be given by the God as in other traditions but it provides the practical guideline for individual to develop his mind-set for dealing with problems. It guides individual to enlighten their right view towards everything that surrounds his environment. Individual must understand their roles. Whoever we are today, must realize by insight. Insight which makes us physically, mentally, emotionally known as who are we today.

Today, we human beings, dominate the world based on the power of our mind. We control almost every part of our world. Without mind, we can’t imagine how the human world would look like.   Human mind is very powerful yet it is critical. It plays the vital role to create or destroy our material or physical world. If the human uses it for personal material benefits the nature are always ready to punish us from ahead and without any excuse it sweeps us like we sweep dust at our home.

Human mind if regarded to be the founder of everything. Why it is so? Because the Buddha says in Dhammapada, ‘the mind is forerunner of everything’. Whatever we are today, we created it. Good doers receive good and evil accompanies the evils. It is the natural law of cause and effect. If our lives is miserable today, the seed (kamma) we planted were not good enough, and conditions to support the ripening our kamma must have defect of our wrong actions. And in the same way, if we have good lives, it doesn’t mean we’re blessed by higher power, but it is the truth that ‘we are eating the fruits that we, ourselves planted in our past.


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Thanks to Enlightened one

To observe oneself is not an easy task

No matter how much we try to

Sometime we understand our mind in wrong way

Our feeling, perception, mental image and thought

Staying calm and to balance the tranquil of mind

Sometime I feel total blind

And sometime total lost,

Looking inside of me, observing my own mind

Many thoughts from the past and thoughts of future

I found running thought, one after another,

So much of thought and mental imbalance

I felt like I am gonna be mad

Knowing have to know the thoughts of mind

Rather controlling it, I let it flow and pass

Just observe my thought without doing superb or miracle

My mind is normal once more

Thanks to the enlightened one, the Buddha

Who struggled for it and found it and shared it to the world

Nothing more to understand, to know but ourselves.


Everything starts from one-self

One is responsible everything happens to oneself.

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Life isn’t the Race

Life is not the race

It is the opportunity to observe the moment

What do we do rushing all the time

Believe me there is nothing that got to gain

Live in the present moment

Not rarely forgetting all your dreams

Set your mind and body

Things are not as same as it seems

Enjoy the present moment then only

You will rejoice the life’s given beauty

Leave your sadness and worries behind

Maintain equal emotion all the time

Life is not a game to win or lose

Everyone has their own part and goes

What is the point to rush to the success

Which is impermanence not the bless

Remain in Now, understand the present

Thought presents makes you the legend

Collecting knowledge and experience

Do not stop,

Keep moving towards your aims……

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